About Us

Kill shelters are usually funded by a county or town to take care of nuisance animals. These shelters require that animals be picked up and held for a minimum amount of days. They have certain criteria about animals that are strays, vicious dogs and animals that are impounded pending court cases.After the time period is up the shelter is put in the position of killing the animals to make room for others. Due to limited space and time limits, many adoptable animals are euthanized.

SPCHS is a no-kill shelter.

We keep our dogs and cats and provide medical care until a home can be found. We do not put down an animal unless it is terminally ill and suffering, or it poses a risk to itself, other animals or humans.Pets in our care receive medical attention and socialization.Dedicated to the preservation of life, our community-supported and funded shelter found caring homes for more than 650 dogs and cats annually!