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Pet Resource Information

Here we post information of interest to our fellow pet lovers.  If there is a topic you’d like to see covered, contact us.

pet safety

Pet Safety

Can my cat eat…?  Do I have to leash my dog?  How hot does it have to be for it to be unsafe in my SUV?  Does Spay/Neuter really affect pet health?  Get your safety questions answered here.


Animal Rescue

Here you’ll find tips on everything from found litters of kittens to seal pups and injured wildlife.

pet safety

Seasonal Safety

Fireworks.  Turkey Dinners. Poisonous Plants. Holiday Concerns. Look here for tips to get your pets through the changins seasons safely.

pet safety

Pet Care

Trimming nails, protecting paws, helping a new pet settle in, selecting the right collar, harness, or halter.  Head here for these and more pet care tips.

adopted cat

For Kids & Educators

Here are some tools for you to use with the kiddos in your life.  Teach pet safety and kindness.  How kids treat animals has a profound effect on how they behave as adults.

pet safety

General Resources

Local pet resources, Spay/Neuter information, year-round poisonous plants, marijuiana toxicity, and everything else that doesn’t quite fit into the other categories!