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No drop-in visitors due to the COVID pandemic along with increased costs have all impacted our ability to raise enough funds to operate the shelter.


No Drop-In Visitors:  For the safety of our employees, volunteers and visitors, visits to the shelter are by appointment only with an approved adoption application. Unfortunately this causes us to not have our normal drop-in visitors who usually leave a donation.

Cancelled Fundraising Events:  We have changed our fundraising events from in person to online. Our online events are increasingly successful but we are still facing operating deficits each month.

Operating Deficits:  Shelter experiences operating deficits each month of $4,000 – $5,000.

Medical Costs:  Medical costs next to payroll, are our biggest expense.  We take care of any animal that comes to us with a treatable condition and all of our animals are spayed/neutered and microchipped before they are adopted.  Here are a few examples of the extra care provided:

  • Spay/Neuter – $28,000. Each year we spay/neuter over 500 shelter, low-income household pets and community/feral cats.
  • One Day Old Puppy – $600:  A puppy born with a cleft palate.
  • Patches – $2,500:  Leg amputation due to prior untreated injuries.
  • Hot Pocket – $736:  Stray that came to us with a wound from an animal attack.
  • Finn – $1,676:  Emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction.
  • Kitten Explosion:  Seventy-five feline spay/neuters in just two months with many more yet to go.

During this time, our shelter staff and volunteers continue to care for the cats and dogs.  Our volunteer dog walkers and cat cuddlers are providing exercise and socialization every day.

Through on-line adoption applications and scheduled appointments to meet the animals, we continue to find forever homes for the cats and dogs at the shelter.

Thank you for continuing to support the cats and dogs at our shelter!

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