330 Second St NE [PO Box 101] Long Beach, WA, 98631 USA | 360-642-1180 spchs330@gmail.com


To promote compassionate care, spay / neuter, and placement of cats and dogs through service and education.


To envision the community of South Pacific County where every cat and dog has a loving home, free of abuse and neglect.


Our People – Our Shelter Manager supervises a skeleton crew providing animal care and cleaning of the facility.  Volunteers walk the dogs, cuddle with cats, offer adoption counseling, fostering, and marketing, and work through a seemingly endless list of tasks.

Sara Tokarz

Sara Tokarz

Shelter Manager

Board Meetings

Board meetings are the third Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m.  All Board meetings are by video conference.

Board meetings are required for Board members and our Shelter Manager and are open to Advisory Council members and guests.

If you would like an invitation to be on the Board’s agenda, please submit your request to the President or Secretary (see right). Requests for invitation should include name, address and phone number.  You don’t need an invitation to attend a meeting.

Contact any Board member by email, or by mail: SPCHS Board, PO Box 101, Long Beach, WA 98631.

Bylaws (pdf)

Advisory Council

Advisory Council members have an assigned activity usually aligned with their area of interest. Activity examples include Dog Advocate, Cat Advocate and Community Cat Advocate.

Advisory Council members are not required to attend Board meeting but can attend any of the Board meetings.

SPCHS has a strong leadership group.  They are diverse, and committed to leaving dissent at the board table and moving forward like single centipede they are.  It was an honor to serve with this group and I recommend doing so to anyone interested in learning about board service and/or helping the shelter in an administrative capacity.

Keleigh Schwartz

Alpha Dog, beachdog.com, Inc.

Board and Advisory Council

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council work with a talented team of staff and volunteers to accomplish SPCHS’ goals and mission.
Board Seat Name
President Patti Lee
President-Elect Cindi Cochran
Secretary Heidi Dowell
Treasurer Rick Abrega
Mission Advocate Open
Immediate Past President Sandy Clancy
At Large – Bookkeeper Joyce Lange
At Large – Donor Management Daneka Ewert
At Large – Facilities & Lease Management Greg Holmes
At Large – Grant Review Deb Howard
Advisory Council
Positions have voting rights to elect board members
Volunteer Support Anke Studer
Documentation/Grants Bev Arnoldy
Community Advocate Kate Cooper
Dog Advocate Julie Hanenburg
Technical Advisor Kyle Kronenberger
Medical Advisor Dr. Kelly Spall
Cat Advocate Amy Hollingshead
Dog Coordinator Christine Balcom
Fundraising JoAnn Walker
Volunteers, Social Media Robyn Handley
Volunteer Teams Assistant Lisa Ericksen
Investment Committee Chris Bauknecht
At Large Jeniene Mercer
At Large Lainie Heisler
At Large Erica Lasley
At Large Kurt Owens
At Large Lisa Green
group decision