Summer Hours Now Through Sept 14

We’re open Sundays from 11am to 2pm, June 1st through September 14th. Come, meet the pets, pick up boarders, or arrange an adoption to go home with you. Sorry; no intakes of animals.  We simply don’t have enough volunteers to be full-service on Sundays.

Join Now!

Benefits include: Discounts on Boarding, Treatment and Impound Fees • Use of our dog wash station, towels and shampoos for do-it-yourself baths • Updates on what’s going on at your no-kill Shelter • Saving the lives of homeless pets! •  Memberships start at just $20.  MORE

Get the Word Out About Hot Cars

Pets have already died this year in hot cars in the Pacific Northwest.  Our overcast days are deceptive; it still gets HOT quickly inside the car. We have two public service announcement flyers you can print to help get the word out.  Click an image for a closer look. “DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS” is… Read More »

Feline Groovy!

SPECIAL:  $25 adoption fees for the next 15 cat adopters who mention seeing this ad! If you miss out on being one of the 15, we are offering a $25 discount off cat adoptions in July.  NOW is the time to adopt a cat or kitten. Take advantage of these great prices while our cat population is up… Read More »