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SPCHS spay/neuter vouchers are available

SPCHS spay/neuter vouchers are available to reduce the cost of spay/neuter surgeries for the pets of low-income households in South Pacific County.  Vouchers are available while funds remain.

Good for:  Spay/Neuter of a cat or dog at Oceanside Veterinary Clinic, with a co-pay. The voucher co-pay required by the pet owner is:

  • $30 feline spay or neuter,
  • $40 canine neuter (male)
  • $45 canine spay (female)

Stop by the shelter at 330 NE Second St in Long Beach. Check our hours here.

NOTE:  When grant funds are available to further reduce co-pays we’ll post that information here.

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Learn about these important surgeries on our page, "About Spay/Neuter"