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Leashing – Dogs should be properly restrained at all times.

Even if your dog is great off-leash, you need to be able to control him if he meets another pet that isn’t.

Keep in mind that pets behave differently out of their normal routine and they may surprise you by being extra good… or wicked!  You never know without a doubt how he’ll respond to a new situation so keep everyone safe and stay leashed.

Shown is a public service message SPCHS created for the City of Long Beach.

Other laws – State and Local Ordinances

Our friends over at the Washington Legal and Historical Center have compiled a nice list of Washington State ordinances relating to pets.  There are additional laws within the city limits of Long Beach [code] and Ilwaco [code], including for exotic pets .

Leash laws are not typically enforced on the beach, provided dogs are controlled and well-behaved. However, be aware that there is an 8-foot leash law here in Pacific County [pdf] and also within the city limits of Long Beach [code] and Ilwaco [code] , and Washington State Parks [code] with accompanying fines if Rover gives reason for the laws to be enforced.

The Beach is a State Highway

Pet owners should be aware that our beach is a State Highway. and Washington State Parks owns and monitors land up and down the Peninsula, so the ordinances specifically relating to State Parks [code] are germane.  Be safe out there; cars don’t always follow the 25 MPH speed limit.


Yes, you are expected clean up after Fifi or Fido –even on the beach and in the dunes!