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More Hot Weather Tips


Choose beach that is not just dogs-allowed, but dog-friendly! 

Most of our beach is sweet sand but there are areas with sharp rocks, such as Beard’s Hollow in Seaview and creek outlets, where rocks are covered and uncovered by shifting sands.  Dogs aren’t as welcome on the northernmost parts of the Peninsula where bird populations are protected.  However, between the Seaview and Long Beach approaches, there is no driving between Memorial Day and Labor Day, making more than a mile of sand safe for pedestrians and their canine friends.

Beware Overheating

Of course, you won’t leave Fido in the car when the weather is very warm at all.  Cracking a window does almost nothing to let out the heat on the inside of your greenhouse on wheels. Read more.

If you thought it would be okay, and come back to a lethargic pet, cool his body slowly with tepid, then cool, water while you take him to the vet immediately.  A lot can go wrong quickly on the inside of your dog when overheated.  Don’t risk it.  Get treatment!

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Schedule downtime

At the beach, Fido will be having SUCH a good time he probably won’t regulate his activity level as well as normal.  Make sure to allow for downtime so he doesn’t get overheated.  Dogs cool themselves mainly through panting, but also through the sweat glands in their footpads. Make sure they have a spot in the shade, where they can chill out, drink water and recoup their energy.


Stay hydrated

Make sure Fido has a supply of fresh, cool water available, and bring plenty for yourself, too!

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