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Modern Cat has an excellent article on how to help your new feline settle into your home.  It’s very important to follow these tips as the first days in your home sets the relationships she will have with you and your other pets.  Take the time in the beginning as it pays huge dividends in the long run!  Below is an abbreviated version (please, read the article!):

How To Help Your New Cat Settle In

Follow these tips to help your new cat feel right at home!

  • First things first—congratulations on your new addition!
  • Transport your new pal in a comfortable, secure carrier.
  • Have your cat’s room ready, including a cozy place to curl up, food & water, scratch post, and a few toys.
  • Place the litter box away from the food & bed areas, preferably with a view of the door to the room.
  • Keep kitty separate from any other pets for the first few days.  When you do introduce them, use a baby gate so they can see and smell one another but each has their own safe, secure space.  If you have another cat, use the same brush to groom both cats (without cleaning it in between) “to create a group scent that will facilitate friendship and happy, chill vibes.”
  • Feed a little bit multiple times throughout the day and use it as social/bonding time with you.
  • Allow Fluffy to approach you on her own terms.  Sit in the same room so she can watch you read or work on the computer but otherwise ignore her.  She needs to get used to your voice and scent and approach you when it is her decision.
  • Try a Feliway.com Diffuser to help your cat relax.
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