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Springtime Allergies

Recent news-reports confirm what our runny noses have been telling us … pollen counts are extremely high. Did you know that dogs and cats suffer from allergies too? 

Common environmental causes of pet allergies are trees, grasses and fleas. Many cats and dogs have food allergies too – grains, meats, poultry or additives in their food are likely culprits. 

Pet allergy symptoms vary widely. Watch for itching, runny eyes, skin issues, sore red ears or lesions on your pet’s gums/tongue. Goopy eyes, sneezing and wheezing may also be related to pet allergies.  “Hot spots” and open weeping skin lesions are often caused by allergies. 

Consult your veterinarian if you suspect that your pet is suffering from allergies.  Your vet will work with you to determine what’s causing the symptoms and choose an appropriate treatment.