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Sugar Needs All of Us

We are seeking support for our lovely Sugar. This striking 2-year-old Doberman/ Dogo / Bully mix is an intelligent, friendly boy. Sugar is well named; he is a stellar dog!



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His Story

Sugar had a rough start in life, growing up in a home with domestic violence. He was surrendered and lived at a vet’s office for 4 months, where he was cared for by a great team. He then came to South Pacific County Humane Society where he has lived until February. Loved by staff and volunteers alike, he became a shelter favorite. However, due to being kenneled for so long, and likely exacerbated by his sensory differences, Sugar developed some major behavioral issues. As well as being extremely smart, Sugar also has some sight and hearing differences. This combination along with living in a stressful environment and experiencing early trauma culminated in Sugar developing extreme reactivity to cars. It became impossible to walk Sugar outside of the shelter and ensure his safety, and his options were looking bleak.

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His Rehabilitation

Shelter volunteers secured a “board and train” placement for Sugar with trainer Chelsea Tuning.  Shelter’s volunteers and staff raised the funds for Sugar’s first month and the change in him has been incredible!  The focus of Sugar’s training is to give him the skills and coping to be in a busy world and feel both safe and confident. Working first to reduce his stress before introducing Sugar to trigger situations, Chelsea has been able to expose Sugar to cars without him having a major panic attack. Instead, his energy levels remain low. He is also no longer mouthing, leash grabbing or jumping. And he has learned a number of commands including come, sit, down, leave it and stay. Sugar has also met other dogs successfully. His transformation is amazing and he is now an adoptable dog.

Sugar: 5 months boarding & training$3,055$4,400

               Last updated 6/26/22 @ 4:45 pm

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All of Sugar’s donors are able view monthly updates, watching his progress and joy as he learns and becomes more confident.

Sponsors signing up to give at least $300, or offering recurring donations of at least $100/month, get additional new content monthly.

Top-level sponsors, those that exceed $300 or $100/month, get personalized videos from trainer Chelsea and Shelter Manager Sara!


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Donor Update 6/26/22

Alongside training, SPCHS have been busy with their rescue partners promoting Sugar and trying to find his forever home. There has been much interest, in fact just a week ago we thought we had found him a home. Unfortunately, through no fault of Sugar, this fell through at the last minute. Time to raise more funds.  Read on.

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Sponsors Update 4/26/22

This is a sponsors-only update!  If you didn’t get your password by email, contact Sara or make a donation.  To the update! >>


Donor Update 4/11/22

Watch Sugar working with trainer Cheryl on desensitization. She continues to help build Sugar’s resilience and so equip him to be ready to live happily and calmly in the world. See for yourself how our boy is doing.  MORE>>


The Ask

[1] Primarily, we are still searching for an adopter for Sugar as this remains our ultimate goal.

[2] Secondarily, a foster home that can maintain and continue Sugar’s new training.  In the meanwhile, Chelsea has agreed to continue to board and train Sugar at a reduced rate.

[3] If you are unable to give Sugar a home, but would like to sponsor him to remain as a boarder where he currently is, PLEASE contribute to his campaign, the goal of which covers up to three more months of board and train. We really do not want to bring Sugar back to a shelter environment, as he has made such progress and this would be a traumatizing backward step for him. Continuing to board with Chelsea would allow him a low stress, familiar, comfortable, rural home where he can flourish while waiting for his forever home.  Any funds raised that Sugar doesn’t need will go to our training fund for other shelter pets in need.  DONATE >>

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Donation Page

Join in supporting Sugar while he awaits his foster or permanent home.  MORE>>

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March Update

He’s been doing so well since going to Estacada for decompression and training. His confidence is up and his triggers are down.  This has been such a good move for him!  We desperately want to keep him at the training center until he finds a foster or forever home…   MORE >>

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Donor Update 4/2/22

Hi Everyone!  Sugar’s doing SO well with proper training and reinforcement, and away from all the noises of the shelter.  Here’s a little video to show you his progress.  MORE>>