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It’s important to show kids the need for responsible pet care and the benefits of animal shelters.

Through their involvement with the shelters, children gain the rewards and feelings of accomplishment that come with aiding animals.  Charity birthday parties are a fun way to teach these lifelong values.

Giving back during birthday parties and thinking about those who are less fortunate teaches kindness and the importance of service. It also directs children toward helping others at a time that can otherwise teach greed and self-centeredness.

When your birthday kiddo is an animal lover, you can raise awareness and support for some adorable furry friends by hosting a birthday party geared toward supporting your local animal shelter.


  1. Plan a low-key party with activities for the kids that help the shelter.  Kids can make:
    1. Heating Pads for Pets
    2. Books to later read to the cats
    3. Snuffle Mats
    4. No-sew cat toys
    5. No-sew fleece blanket
    6. Kitty Kennel mats
    7. FUN dog toys
    8. “Adopt Me” bandanas
    9. More ideas!
  2. Ask guests to bring pet food, toys, old towels, and blankets, or other wish list items.

Our 7-year-old son recently donated his birthday presents to shelter animals. When he invited his friends to his party, he told them he didn’t want any presents for himself, but they could bring something to donate to the local animal shelter. His guests brought pet food, toys, beds, collars, — and even the contents of their piggy banks. By the end of the party, Mike had collected a large pile of supplies and $14.05. Although the amount was small, it meant the world to the kids that they were able to help homeless and needy animals.

“My niece loves cats, so for her 10th birthday she asked everyone to donate to our local shelter. (And when a friend did give her a gift, she returned it and donated the money!).”

Birthday goodness for me?