Strays, Lost Pets, Wildlife

lost and found petsStrays

We are not animal control; we do not pick up stray animals. Only animal control agencies, by law, are permitted to handle strays. We are the housing facility for the stray animals of South Pacific County. We hold these animals for a minimum of 72 hours (times vary depending on the ordinances governing where the animal was found), giving owners a reasonable time period to redeem their animal(s). Once the impound period is over, the animals belong to the Humane Society and are made available for adoption.

Lost Pets

See Impounds

You might want to post a photo and information our facebook page, or that of Missing Pets on the Long Beach Peninsula, Astoria & Warrenton.


Sorry, we are not able to accept injured or abandoned wildlife. Contact the Wildlife Center of the North Coast at (503) 338-0331. For emergencies, call their pager at (503) 338-3954.