help end cruelty

We aren’t animal control, nor do we have staff to pretend to be so.  We do, however, have a huge interest in making sure any complaint of animal abuse and/or neglect is pursued!

When Visiting a Home to Help an Animal in Need: Your Goal is to OFFER HELP and to HAVE HELP ACCEPTED

  • Show your concern – not your disdain.
  • Remember: You are a visitor to someone’s home.
  • Do NOT be confrontational, argumentative or, in any way, a bad guest.
  • Don’t take photos without asking permission first.  If the answer is ‘no’, please refer to our flyer, “SPCHS-Animal Abuse and Neglect-What To Do”.
  • Stay on streets, sidewalks and other established footpaths.
  • Stay OFF private property unless invited.
  • Leave if asked.
  • Protect the Shelter From Liability:  Identify yourself as a concerned citizen–not as a representative of the Shelter.

Making a Complaint to SPCHS:

  • Come to the Shelter in person and fill out our complaint form [pdf], or
  • Download the complaint form, fill it out and return it to us ASAP (330 Second St NE – Long Beach, WA).

Making a Complaint to the Authorities:

Please read refer to our flyer, “SPCHS-Animal Abuse and Neglect-What To Do”.

If you believe an animal is in immediate danger, contact:

  • Anywhere in South Pacific County, outside Ilwaco and Long Beach City Limits:
    • Pacific County Sheriff,  P.O. Box 935, Long Beach WA 98631
  • In Ilwaco or Long Beach:
    • Long Beach Police, attn.: Chief Flint Wright, P.O. Box 795, Long Beach WA 98631
    • Long Beach City Council, P.O. Box 310, Long Beach WA 98631
    • Ilwaco City Council, PO Box 548, Ilwaco, WA 98624