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Captains of the Good Ship Kitty Litter For April, 2015

Sharing the title of Skipper of the Good Ship Kitty Litter this month are Herb ‘N Legend Smoke Shop Our Shelter uses about 2500 pounds of litter each month. No, that’s not a typo!  We purchase an average of 14 skids of clay litter annually, 28,000 pounds in 10# bags.  It kind of befuddles the… Read More »

Sandbox Club Special!

UPDATE 02/28/15:  Your generosity continues to astound us!  The first 17 months of the Sandbox Club are fully funded.  Dennis Company has ordered the discounted pallets of litter for us, and will store most of them until they’re needed (3 cheers for Dennis Company!).  We’re now accepting sponsorships for 2016; we’ll announce the new price… Read More »

Free Pet ID Tags!

The good people over at have given us gift certificates to hand out with every adoption, good for a free Pet ID Tag! They’ve got some sweet package deals on tags, stickers and more.  Check them out!

January, 2015 Sandbox Club

The Lower Columbia River Chapter of the USCG Chief Petty Officers Association is Captain of the Good Ship Kitty Litter!

Wow! $50 in Fresh Seafood!

Our “LOSERS CAN BE WINNERS” Bonus Drawing has received yet another great prize:  A Picnic Bucket from the Crab Pot in Long Beach. The lucky winner can take the bucket to the Crab Pot’s Seafood Market and have it filled with ice and $50 worth of fresh crab, clams, fish – whatever pleases them. Enter… Read More »