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Donation Funds

When you make a donation using the form on this page, you can optionally choose a fund where your gift will be used.

Best Need

Every penny of your gift will be used to support our greatest need at the time of your donation.  This fund affords us the most flexibility in providing for the shelter facility and the pets for which it provides.

Be a 12

Give $12 on the 12th of every month for a year.  You can set it up on auto-pay to make your life easier.  12s are our heroes, the “bread and butter” donors that help us anticipate income and balance the budget.  We appreciate you! Read more >

Care for Shelter Dogs ...or Cats

Are you a champion for cats?  A defender of dogs?  You can earmark your gift to be spent supporting just one of the species in our care.

Gifts in Honor

Gifts in memory of special people and pets, donations honoring special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays, even thank-yous to pet-loving friends.  Read more >

Major Medical Fund

It seems we almost always have at least one pet in need of special medical care.  Whether it is recovery from illness or injury, or diagnosis of a mystery ailment. Read more >


Membership has its privileges!  We currently offer individual and business memberships, each with unique assets.  Read More >

Rescue Transfer Program

While cats and kittens keep us plenty busy, we are lucky to not have a large homeless dog problem locally. This means we can bring in dogs on death row at kill shelters, saving more lives.  Transport, however, isn’t free. Read more >

Spay/Neuter Support for Low-Income Residents

We receive many calls each month from low-income residents in need of spay/neuter assistance.  We have grant support at times; at other times, we have nothing to offer, and the offspring of those pets end up in our system. Read more >

Donate Now

Make a secure online gift to help Shelter animals get the expert medical services, good nutrition and loving care they deserve.  Your donation can be one time or monthly, given in honor or memory of a loved person or pet, and/or designated for a specific purpose.